Happy Valentine’s to my one and forever true love 



considerate ….
not Jealous 

not envious

holds no resentment 
never talks boastfully 

never grandstands 

never pats himself on the back 
never puts blame on someone else

never slings insults

never degrades 
doesn’t look out for only his interest 

not narrow minded 

not self centered 
not easily annoyed

never gets enraged 

not easily provoked
not one to keep track of times he’s been wronged by others
doesn’t make a list of those who have insulted him 

or given him the short end of the stick. 
he’s never “ok” with corruptive or destructive behavior 

never happy when he sees things amiss 
he speaks the honest truth and has a great appreciation for the “whole truth”. 
he is careful to cover all his bases 
never neglects or ignores 
he’s a safeguard 

a protector 
full of positivity 

the sky’s the limit

dream big 

dream often 
generous with all

treats everyone the same

always trying to better himself 



has endurance 

never quits

never gives up

always sees light at the end of the tunnel 
typically gives the benefit of a doubt 
never wants to be closed minded 

is aware there’s always two sides 
knows when to bow out of a difficult situation 

knows when to dig in his heels 
he’s a thinker 

thinks “big picture”

thinks “outside the box”

Keeps his mind open for the next big idea 
takes no credit for his accomplishments 

will be the first to tell you his source is Jesus Christ 
he strives never to fall short in his faith 

he is a “doer” not a “sayer”
he leads by example 

focused on integrity 



to his children he’s Dad

to his grandchildren he’s Poppa 

to his extended family he’s Michael 

But to me 

he is love !


Today, I’ll think of you as I do every dayBut this time, I will smile instead of cry.

Today, I will not focus on memories that make me .

Instead, I’ll think of times we laughed until we cried.

Today, I won’t remember all the things you’ve missed this year.

Instead, I will think of all the things you have experienced in your new life eternal.

I won’t stop and look at pictures the same sorrowful way anymore.

I will just picture you at peace.
Today, I will not look at my yellow rose bush

with the same emptiness I did a year ago.

I will only focus on its beauty and the friendship it stands for.

Part of me doesn’t want to give up my sorrow;

it feels as though I’m giving you up.

But today I realize that ,while I will always miss you,

I cannot always grieve.
Today, I am determined to remember you the way you would want me to—

as a great friend, a wonderful wife,

loving mother and grandmother.
I’ll remember the good times–picnics by the ice cold creek with our children on a hot summer’s day,

Spring breaks, and that you would always have

some sort of baby animal for Jessica to play with.
I’ll enjoy the memory of your spontaneity, your love of life and God.

I’ll smile at the way you could just finger comb your hair on the way out the door,

applying mascara at the first stoplight.
I’ll refuse to think of our last conversation

when I failed to talk you out of your trip to California.
I’ll just remember our last visit when I cleaned out

your kitchen cabinets the way I’d always wanted to.

I’ll remember the crackers and laughing cow cheese,

eaten while talking about our future as grandmas.

I’ll promise to stop mourning so much, to start cherishing more,

to find blessings in all that was our friendship.
Today, I let you go from the tight grip of my heart.

Today, I will find peace in the knowledge that you are safe, happy and whole.

Today will be different.

Today, I will start over, one today at a time.