3 thoughts on “He is still my Prince Charming

  1. Eccl 9:11 “time and unpredictable occurrence happen to them all.” does’nt always mean a bad thing. In this instance it was a good thing when you met. These things happen to many of us throughout our lives, but all too often we don’t make the decision that will result in benefits of your magnitude. Often our decisions simply take us down another path. We can all do our level best to do things Gods way. Take the bibles recommendations to heart in all our decisions in life and still bad things happen to good people as your first marriage illustrates. The key is to continue to follow Jehovah even when things don’t go our way. By remaining chaste and doing your internal work you were in a emotional and mental position to seize the wonderful opportunity that occurred for you both, as was He evidently. I know that all “GOOD” things come from God and so the credit goes to him. God desires all his children to have wonderful marriages, I feel I have a wonderful marriage and part of the reason I like your story is I love my “Love Story” too. Many good people tho do not have our experience and as such must endure with gods strength carrying them (2 Cor 4:7) until such time as God rids the earth of the great opposer Satan who is the one causing any and all strife or grief in our lives.

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