Preface to “My Cinderella Story”

I have been planning to write an update to my little mini book I wrote over 10 years ago so I’m excited to do that through my blog.
My story is about heartbreak, but mostly about survival, rebuilding my life, and most importantly not getting bitter.
It’s a love story,
It’s not a story about pointing fingers, placing blame, or pity.
It’s about divorce, despair, feeling worthless, but also about trusting God, searching my own heart, learning to be ok with being alone, and forgiveness.
It’s about being a single mom, coping, determining to be in a better place, and finding out what’s important and what’s not!
It’s about being poor, living in government housing, learning that happiness is a choice and has nothing to do with your surroundings.
My story is one of hope, it will make you believe in true love again, convince you not to give up, and show you all you need is courage and faith and you can overcome anything.
It’s a Cinderella story…..

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