Burdens are Meant to be Shared by Quita Feeley

Burdens are meant to be Shared By Quita Feeley

Everyone has burdens to carry —
some in small neatly packed bundles,
others that seem to arrive in dump trucks.
Some seem only moderately heavy at first,
but often pick up poundage along the way;
Others make it too unmanageable to even lift our heads.

At times, our burdens are invisible to onlookers
but at other times, a flashing neon light for all to see.
We try and tuck them away, trying to bear them alone
although many around us would gladly help to shoulder the load.

We struggle, fumble,fall…..trying to balance the weight.
At times, our load shifts just enough to get through the day
but then there are those times, when no one but God knows
how our back is breaking under the strain.

We give it to God for a stretch here and there, for moments, days, even weeks
But this phase is often interrupted with doubts and fears looming about,
So we make the mistake of gathering our burdens out of his hands
Each facet of fear ,each detail of pain,
through tears we begin to carry them once again.

Often smiles hide our sorrows and grief.
At some stages, we function normally,
the burden of agony we harbor invisible.
In other seasons, we are ready to throw in the towel.
However, there are those moments of tiny victories,
when Hope swoops in to lighten our cargo of cares.

Everyone struggles; no one is immune,
Some more than others it seems.
Burdens come in waves, one thing after another,
Then there are intervals of peace.

Pray for the hurting, the burdened, the broken.
Reach out with kindness to all.
Take time to listen , to hear, to care.
Offer to help lift someone’s bundle of sorrow.

Don’t assume, judge, belittle or underestimate
the significance of our grief, the denseness of our despair.
Just hold out a hand of compassion, arms of strength and solace.
Weep with us, laugh with us, mourn with us,be silent with us.
It’s in sharing the weight of each other’s burdens
that our loads get lighter, that Hope seems much brighter.

Take a moment—
a few heartfelt minutes to focus on the weighted cares of others,
putting aside all that we face to give them our full attention
even if only to strangers we meet,or our closest of friends.
It’s through compassion we heal,
through understanding, that we become understood.

In giving, we receive.
In sharing hope, we find faith.
In listening, we are heard.
Through loving others, our broken hearts are healed.


2 thoughts on “Burdens are Meant to be Shared by Quita Feeley

  1. I am a friend, and a former co-worker of Rebekah F. I just wanted to let you know how touched I was when I read your “Burdens Are Meant To Be Shared”. God has given you such a beautiful gift of writing. You certainty touched my heart with your gift today!! Thank you!!!!
    Emily Payne, Mississippi

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