My dad my miracle 


7 thoughts on “My dad my miracle 

  1. Quita,don’t know if you remember me but seeing the photos of Bro &Sis Wiles reminds me how time slips away. A great man I admired very much! I loved them dearly!
    Be blessed you and family !

    John am Renfro Sr

      1. Lol! I am good young lady! I am glad to see you and Mike have a beautiful family. I have no idea how I came across you on here. I was not looking for you but you showed up in a search I was doing for Quora. Your dad meant so much to me. I am glad they are still here. Tell them “hey” for me when you speak to them.
        I have some errands to run and I’ll be back later. If you want email and let me know how y’all are. If I may ask, how’s Pam doing?
        Remember,God loves you and so do I !


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