Dear Dad

Dear Dad

So many things I learned from you dad.  

So much I cherish.  

Some make me laugh; some make me sad.  

I learned about life in such meaningful ways.  

That work is important but the same goes for play.  

To be neat and tidy, how to iron clothes.  

Stay organized, focused, In pursuit of my goals.  

You showed me that people are only strangers until we meet,  

then often these become friendships for life and help make us complete. 

To find common ground with everyone, be relatable to all– 

connections were your specialty.  

You taught me compassion for those who are weak.  

Not to judge the downtrodden but to find good in all I see. 

So much you taught me about faith and devotion  

about Jesus our Savior and of His great love.  

I learned to tell stories from listening to you.  

To find humor in all things  

To tell corny jokes  

To laugh hard  

and that I should just be me. 

While still very young you taught me to love knowledge  

of random things like weather, seasons and what it all means. 

From you, I learned to enjoy coffee and even drink it black  

Morning and afternoon (Which I still do in fact) 

To eat cornbread crumbled in a tall glass of cow’s milk  

Or a bowl of roasted peanuts still in their shell.  

From you, I learned to grow old with grace and dignity  

To keep that twinkle in my eye.  

To Live each day completely and always try.  

You taught me to be kind and courteous,  

To have respect for the old  

To love country and Jesus 

To stay steadfast and bold.  

You showed me how to live thankful and prayerful  

To sing every chance I can  

To whistle while I work  

And tap my foot to the beat.  

You demonstrated how to be self-disciplined in all things and try to stay fit  

How to be independent but also welcome some help.  

You taught me not to keep secrets or tell lies  

To make those around me smile  

To do small things, big things and go the extra mile.  

So many things I learned from you, Dad 

and now that you’re gone, they do make me sad,  

but the sadness is slowly dimming with time  

and someday real soon, I’ll reflect on them with a smile.  

Thank you for teaching me so many things,  

for being my daddy, for loving me.  

Thank you for the sticks of chewing gum you sent me from overseas,  

for all the little things you did or said or dreamed up with me.  

Thank you for being my hero and my biggest fan  

For proudly introducing me as your baby up until the end  

For letting me love you and trusting my care  

For all the moments we were able to share.  

Through good times and bad, you never changed.  

You gave me stability, consistency, balance and drive.  

So, thank you Dad for all that you gave.  

I love you.  

I miss you.  

Every single little memory in my heart I will save.  

Cherished and loved by family and friends  

but most of all loved by your family and your baby girl.

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