“Wisdom a Friend of Time” By Quita Feeley

The older I get, the less I know–
Ever feel that way?
Where have all the answers gone–
I had them the other day?!

Where did all this gray come from–
I liked it black and white.
Somehow in the span of time,
My answers aren’t as bright.

At one time, I had solutions
for most anything I faced.
I was never in a quandary,
but lately a bit off base.

When did questions get so deep
and full of complications?
Instead of finding ways,
I’m drowning in frustrations.

I guess with age comes wisdom
Or at least that was the plan,
but often I lack clarity
and that’s lingered for a span.
But wisdom isn’t answers
or quick fixes that we need;
Wisdom isn’t knowing all
or having everyone agree.

It’s a gift from God for each of us.
To be used, we must slow down
for wisdom isn’t present
when craziness abounds.

We don’t need all the answers
to keep ourselves afloat.
We don’t have to understand the “whys”
to help us learn to cope.

We just need to lean on truth;
Let life’s busy-ness subside.
Lose ourselves in simple things;
complications lay aside.

Wisdom only comes with trust
and trust only with faith,
pursuing all that’s good in life,
walking in His grace.

So when there’s more inquiries
Than responses that are clear,
When your head is spinning
and some pending things bring fear,
Turn to God and fully bask
in His endless love and grace.
Give Him all your questions,
let confusion be erased.

He’s always there for you,
never leaves you in a bind.
He offers you His wisdom
and in His wisdom, the answers find!