First of all I’m a child of God, I strive to bring honor to him in all I do!
I’m a wife to very handsome man, who still makes me catch my breath after all these years. We are inseparable, and as of last July we are empty nesters and couldn’t be happier.
I’m a mom to four adult children , two sons Charley and Caleb, and two daughters Stephani and Jessica. I have two loving and simply amazing daughters n love Ruth and Gloria. And even though Gloria is not legally still my daughter n law, she will always be my daughter n love….I also have an amazing son in love, Chase. If you end up following my blog you will figure out fast that I also have five adorable grandchildren Aubrey 6, Brooklyn 3,  Beckett 21/2, Charley 4 mo., Tucker 8 weeks

…. I’m devoted to my husband and family 100%. They come second only to God. I love being a wife, mom, mom n law, and nana.
raising four children has been the most important/hardest thing I’ve ever done, the greatest responsibility ever given, the most rewarding, my greatest accomplishment.
I have a loving husband who tells me often  I’m beautiful, but more importantly makes me feel that way without fail….in his eyes I’m the greatest and in mine he is. He never does anything that would cause me to doubt him or feel insecure. He brings out the best in me.

I’m a caring person that tries to see the good in everyone. I’m blessed with many “things” but if you really know me than you know “things” don’t define me ….but much more importantly than things, I’m blessed with tons and tons of friends.
I ENJOY nice things and am spoiled but I never enjoy one thing without stopping to be thankful for it first. I’ve been very very poor and I understand lack but I don’t apologize for being blessed …because of that fact, I can give more. Life is not about me, it’s about others.

I love giving hope, bringing a smile to someone, I’m a “hugger”, I’m a loyal friend.
I’m not perfect but I strive to live my life pleasing to God.
I’m an emotional person, but not a jealous person. I’m soft-hearted, but not weak.
I’m very secure in who i am , but I’m not conceited. I tend to see the best in everyone and In every situation.

I desire nothing more than for my family to be healthy, happy and whole. My kids are not perfect but in my eyes they’re amazing and I love them dearly.
I find humor in life, and I laugh often….but that doesn’t mean I don’t have moments of pain and hurt and days where my laughter is washed away in tears
I’m human…..not flawless nor would I ever claim to be

I’m a bit of a clean freak, I call myself a “frustrated perfectionist” I’m typically harder on myself than others. I love to cook and do lots of it. I can be a loner and be perfectly happy but love to be with my friends and family .
I enjoy peace and quiet, I’m a planner!
Music is the language of my soul and most anytime you will find me listening to it.
I’ve failed before,been extremely discouraged, but I’ve NEVER given up….I’m positive and tend to see people’s strengths way before I see their weaknesses. I always try to give the gift of “a benefit of the doubt”

I live each day as though it were the most important day of my life, because IT IS!!
I’m spontaneous but cautious…….I’m affectionate, I live life with great excitement.

I feel young and energetic but not blind to the fact that I am getting older. I want to grow old gracefully….I strive to keep balance in everything, I workout, eat healthy, but also know how to enjoy a good candy bar and ice-cold coke.

I love to travel the world yet my favorite place is my peaceful home.
When others prosper I rejoice with them, when they fail I cry with them…
I cherish friendships old and new and would walk an extra mile to make a new friend and 100 miles to keep from losing an old one…..

I search my heart to see where my flaws are and try to purpose to be a better me…I have short comings ,I have plenty to work on, I’ll never stop learning and growing.
No I’ll never be perfect but I’ll keep being me. The BEST ME, I can be….

I’m starting this blog to share some of life from my view, to encourage, give hope, give a laugh, perhaps at times make you cry, but I plan to try always to make you feel better after you’ve read what I have to say…..I want to make a difference in someone’s life……but that’s just me!

3 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. I know u r the kind of person that my girls would hang out with if we lived closer Sometime u need to come sing for us I remember u ministering with your mom when u were just a child God bless u Quita for the blessing our family as we r going THROUGH this very hard time.

  2. I love the caring and compassionate person you are. You have been a blessing to me and I have not forgotten. I still will repay. I love you for being a wonderful example to me.

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