“Happiness is t…

“Happiness is the best revenge”

When you spend  your time and energy on getting even, getting back, or “showing someone how it feels” you only hurt yourself and show them how much power they have in your life. Every day that you spend in anger, and determination to get even, the more you show your weakness. Why give someone the power to make your life miserable? Only YOU can allow that to happen. I was given this advice by my sister about 25 years ago…..

“Don’t get even, get Happy”   Remember happiness is a choice not an accident. you don’t have to “feel” happy or have all the right reasons to be happy, to “be happy”.  Take back all the power you’ve given away  and start today!

2 thoughts on ““Happiness is t…

    1. That comes in time….. At first you have to grieve the loss ( just like a death) just as it would be unhealthy not to grieve over loss in death the same is true for divorce you have to grieve to heal. Just don’t let it consume you. At first you will feel like you’re faking your happiness and at first you will be, but even if it’s a short few min each day take time to count your blessings which eventually will lead to happiness. It’s a process. Take each step and know you will not always be where you are!!! Blessing and love to you on this journey

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