Look up ahead. It’s a road waiting to be traveled by you.
It’s your future. It’s a bright road filled with lots of laughs and smiles, a place to lay the
burdens of the past down and pick up a lighter load.
This road has its bends and turns, but you’ll barely notice, for life has taught
you to be strong. You’ll be tempted to look back at other roads you’ve traveled,
but only do so to reflect on the lessons learned. The bad, the sad, the hurt will
all grow dimmer the further you travel down your new path, and along the way
you’ll reap a harvest of peace and joy from the seeds you’ve sown.
The emptiness you’ve encountered before, the unanswered questions, they will all be drowned in a sea of warmth and seem
unimportant. You’ll enjoy laughing in a way that is new. You’ll start to see the
good that has come from the bad.
As you travel this new road with your new lighter load, enjoy each step….each
tiny detail. Soak in the sunshine of blessings that are yours. Walk, run, laugh,
sing, and dance.
This is a new road, a new start. Beyond it lies your best days… days filled with answered prayers,
fulfilled dreams, and a heart that truly knows what it means to love and be



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