Carry me

This song is written for someone very close to me that I love so much. You will not always struggle!!!

My life feels like a dark and dreary day.
My spirit is broken in two.
My eyes have cried until they barely see.
It’s hard to find a future for me.

But I won’t stop believing that there is hope for me,
That even though my deepest fears are right in front of me
I won’t give up this battle , and somehow I’ll win.
But till then, I’ll need You to carry me.

I’m so tired from the struggle, too tired to even pray.
My hurt and pain go oh so deep,
I can hardly speak your name.
My nights are the longest as loneliness sets in.
Exhausted from my endless thoughts, I’m tempted to give in.

But I won’t fall, though I may stumble.
Somehow, I’ll keep my faith; I won’t be crushed into pieces.
I’ll keep whispering your name.
I will rise above this–in time my heart will sing.
But till then, I’ll need You to carry me.

Hold me softly in your arms, dear Lord for I cannot walk alone.
Let me feel your presence once again like before
And in Your still small voice speak life into my soul.
Speak of peace not seen ..speak of joy not felt, warm my cold and broken heart
Fill the void deep within.
Embrace me with Your everlasting and all consuming love.
Just You and me, until my eyes can see.
Carry me. carry me.

Words and Music by Quita Feeley, copyright 2015 all rights reserved.


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