“Thoughts from a Mom” by Quita Feeley

20140510-140332.jpg20140323-225743.jpg20140313-095122.jpg20140308-155147.jpgI’m far from perfect; I’ve often failed.
I’ve been known to change my mind,
But I would walk the hard roads in life for you if I could…

I’m capable of being tough, but frequently I’m weak.
When it comes to you, I often cry…
For YOU though, not for me.

At times, I still see you as a little child, the way you used to be,
But reality shows up reminding me you’re all grownup.
Then I smile, or sometimes weep…

Often, I think of things I’d change or do another way.
At other times, I wouldn’t alter one single thing.
I’m fearless and brave. I’m daunted; I’m afraid…

I’m often on the sidelines as you go about your life.
But if you only knew how many times I’ve thought of you each day,
you’d be amazed…

I sometimes act as though I can fix anything for you.
At moments,even convinced myself that is true.
I have all the answers, but I haven’t got a clue…

When bumps occur on life’s winding road, I desire to smooth your path.
I’ve wished a million times that I could travel on your behalf…

If I could dry your every tear and replace each one with smiles–
If I could banish times you feel you’ve lost—
If I could only climb life’s mountains and have you meet me at the top,
I would at a moments notice…
I’m your mom.

But moms who really know what’s best,
will let their children go–
cautiously watching, learning to trust,
concerned without control.

Knowing when to step in and when to step away,
Not always there to intervene or interfere.
Letting you live your life as yours
to find your own way.

As your mom, I want to save you from mistakes that I’ve made,
But that would only hold you back, paralyze your future and the person you should be,
so I watch with greatest pride as you walk this road called life.

I won’t always have the answers, most often I’ll be wrong.
But never doubt my love for you or the depth of my compassion.
I could not love you any more;
I could not love you any less.
My love knows no limits.

I’m your mom.



A Few Thoughts On Motherhood By Quita feeley

A tiny little flutter
turned into little kicks
A feeling oh-so-special.
Until then, I never knew.

Plans,dreams, weight gain,
Painting of the room,
So very many details.
Until then, I never knew

Then came that special birthday
Long awaited, overdue
I would realize just how tough I was.
Until then, I never knew

Hours later, you were there.
Just like that,the pain was gone,
Replaced by overwhelming joy
Unlike I’d ever known.

I held you close and marveled
At the intricate details
A baby oh-so-perfect.
Until then, I never knew.

Of course, the sleepless nights would rear their ugly heads.
Rocking, walking, riding in the car,
All the tricks I tried,
The positions I learned to sleep in,
That I never knew I could.

Your tiny little fingers turned to toddler hands
And before I knew it, you were playing in the sand.
So quickly each day passed by, I didn’t have a clue
How fast babies grow.
Until you, I never knew.

With each and every passing phase,
I grew to love you more.
This perfect little person who called me mom
Was changing right before my eyes so quickly.
I never knew.

The years have passed; time has flown.
But some things stay the same.
I’ll always be your momma
And my baby you’ll remain.

Many things I didn’t know
until I took this journey called motherhood
So much I have learned that I owe to you.
The greatest thing I’ve ever done, the one I’d never change,
has held the greatest of rewards and given me a new name.
They call me mom, all four of them.
Each time I hear it said, I’m reminded
of how blessed I am,
and this I truly know.