A Few Thoughts On Motherhood By Quita feeley

A tiny little flutter
turned into little kicks
A feeling oh-so-special.
Until then, I never knew.

Plans,dreams, weight gain,
Painting of the room,
So very many details.
Until then, I never knew

Then came that special birthday
Long awaited, overdue
I would realize just how tough I was.
Until then, I never knew

Hours later, you were there.
Just like that,the pain was gone,
Replaced by overwhelming joy
Unlike I’d ever known.

I held you close and marveled
At the intricate details
A baby oh-so-perfect.
Until then, I never knew.

Of course, the sleepless nights would rear their ugly heads.
Rocking, walking, riding in the car,
All the tricks I tried,
The positions I learned to sleep in,
That I never knew I could.

Your tiny little fingers turned to toddler hands
And before I knew it, you were playing in the sand.
So quickly each day passed by, I didn’t have a clue
How fast babies grow.
Until you, I never knew.

With each and every passing phase,
I grew to love you more.
This perfect little person who called me mom
Was changing right before my eyes so quickly.
I never knew.

The years have passed; time has flown.
But some things stay the same.
I’ll always be your momma
And my baby you’ll remain.

Many things I didn’t know
until I took this journey called motherhood
So much I have learned that I owe to you.
The greatest thing I’ve ever done, the one I’d never change,
has held the greatest of rewards and given me a new name.
They call me mom, all four of them.
Each time I hear it said, I’m reminded
of how blessed I am,
and this I truly know.