“Love Redesigned” By Quita Feeley

Love is a chance we take, a gift with no guarantees.
It requires a bit of vulnerability and a lot of trust.
Love often comes easily, freely given when we are young, innocent and unscathed by life.
Yet for those who’ve ever lost in love, it comes at a greater price.
When the hammer of betrayal has smashed your heart, your confidence,
your very perception of who you are into a million tiny pieces …
it takes time to even find the shattered, fragmented remains.
Like anything delicate that’s broken, some slivers may just never quite fit back the same.
Little tiny gaps, sometimes too small to detect, can only be repaired by God’s loving hand.
Love is so simple, yet with hurt and disappointment, it turns into something extremely disconcerting
Love is an emotion capable of providing comfort and security, yet on the other hand causes heartache.
To be loved is a gift, to be cherished— a bonus.
I’m here to tell you that Love is WORTH the risk.
It’s what brings color to life. At some point, you need to be brave.
Love is more about the present than the past; it’s the future that awaits you
It’s security that will encompass you, the warmth that will overtake, easing your heart’s burden.
Love brings a smile, making the heart sing a song not heard by human ears,
brightening the path ahead, welcoming with warm embraces and tender kisses.
Love fills an empty heart once hollow and dark, renewing hope, easing fear gently, without force,
bringing its own joyful new plans.
Love is worth waiting for, priceless when freely bestowed.
No matter the twist and turns of life, the times of giving up, of complications and disappointments,
….love still remains a treasure to be sought after, a dream to dream.
Eventually, you will realize that doubt has ceased–no more second guessing , no more waiting for the reversal. Instead, slowly in the quiet of your heart, in a way only time can provide….there once again appears a belief in true love. Slowly love’s light shines through all of the apprehension.
First a shimmer, a glimmer, then bold strong rays that warm, that heal.
Someday, the pain that love has brought will be washed away by your tears replaced by a rainbow promise of a love you deserve….and once again you will love and be loved.
You will once more believe in true love and embrace it.
Love will finally belong to you.