Peace By Quita feeley

Peace can’t be explained, only experienced
people strive for it, few obtain it in its fullness
It’s not tangible, but yet it can be felt
You can grasp it for a few moments, or you can keep it forever
Peace has nothing to do with the world around you, only the world inside you
You can’t always understand it, yet it’s never mistaken for something else
It can’t be forced, driven or pushed.
You can speak of it, but you can never fully describe it
It’s deeper than any pain…..higher than any mountain…..yet tiny enough to live within the inner most parts of your soul.
You can’t obtain peace without love, or hope without peace
Peace can give you courage, strength, focus, or it can softly comfort your broken heart
If invited to stay it will rest in your dreams, your thoughts, your emotions
Peace only comes from God, no other source
It’s waiting on an invitation
Peace can be yours for the asking

Philippians 4:7
… will experience God’s peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts quiet and at rest as you trust in Christ Jesus.


The Road by Quita Feeley

Look up ahead. It’s a road waiting to be traveled by you.
It’s your future. It’s a bright road filled with lots of laughs and smiles, a place to lay the
burdens of the past down and pick up a lighter load.
This road has its bends and turns, but you’ll barely notice, for life has taught
you to be strong. You’ll be tempted to look back at other roads you’ve traveled,
but only do so to reflect on the lessons learned. The bad, the sad, the hurt will
all grow dimmer the further you travel down your new path, and along the way
you’ll reap a harvest of peace and joy from the seeds you’ve sown.
The emptiness you’ve encountered before, the unanswered questions, they will all be drowned in a sea of warmth and seem
unimportant. You’ll enjoy laughing in a way that is new. You’ll start to see the
good that has come from the bad.
As you travel this new road with your new lighter load, enjoy each step….each
tiny detail. Soak in the sunshine of blessings that are yours. Walk, run, laugh,
sing, and dance.
This is a new road, a new start. Beyond it lies your best days… days filled with answered prayers,
fulfilled dreams, and a heart that truly knows what it means to love and be



When all Seems Lost by Quita feeley

Hope  when your heart says never
Smile  when your eyes hold tears
Love when you’re  feeling empty
Be brave when you’re feeling fear
Use faith when there’s no real answer
Speak truth  in the place of lies
Light a candle  in the still of darkness
Sing of peace  when you’re in a storm
Hold tight to the promises
Keep a grip on the hand of God
Stand tall when you feel you’re falling
Rest in him when your soul is tired
Walk  when you feel like crawling
Give when you are empty of all
Keep focus when life is blurry
Breath deep when there seems to be no air
Take hold of the promises  when you only see failures
Wrap your arms around the good in life
Focus on right when wrongs surround you
Feel the arms of God as he holds you close
For soon the dark will turn to a flicker
And the flicker a ray of light
Dry your tears when you’ve finished crying
Shake off the dust of despair and pain
Look up when your falling downward
Your new beginning is on the way

Philippians 1:6
And so I am sure that God, who began this good work in you, will carry it on until it is finished on the Day of Christ Jesus.


“Happiness is t…

“Happiness is the best revenge”

When you spend  your time and energy on getting even, getting back, or “showing someone how it feels” you only hurt yourself and show them how much power they have in your life. Every day that you spend in anger, and determination to get even, the more you show your weakness. Why give someone the power to make your life miserable? Only YOU can allow that to happen. I was given this advice by my sister about 25 years ago…..

“Don’t get even, get Happy”   Remember happiness is a choice not an accident. you don’t have to “feel” happy or have all the right reasons to be happy, to “be happy”.  Take back all the power you’ve given away  and start today!